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Online Reputation: Learn to build it the right way

Digital marketing strategies are no longer exclusive to large organizations. The small entrepreneur has also gained space in the networks and has been seeking to become more professional, communicating more accurately with consumers.

Considering that the type of information consumed on the Internet is variable and can be made available in several channels, it is necessary to know the profile of the public well. In addition, understanding what works best for him, building a relevant digital presence, a positioning of authority and reference.

We can divide reputation online in three stages: construction, management and reconstruction. It is not risky to say that invariably all the companies that exhibit in the digital environment will pass through the three.

Once achieved, what do you do to maintain and manage your brand’s online reputation? How to turn the problem into an opportunity? What structure and what investments can you make for this?

In the Review Alert’s case our customers and also our customer’s clients are the key point of the “machine operation”. That is why we are increasingly investing in education content so that the use of our software is increasingly driven by our tips so that in fact all sides win.

Make good partnerships.

If you know very well who your business persona is, you surely know other companies of great influence for her. Realize what kind of product or brand can relate well to your brand. Think about possible partnerships and show that your brand relates well to other brands. These actions will contribute contribute to market education and positivize the reputation of your brand.

Also conducting satisfaction surveys will be essential to bring innovation and identify new opportunities for your brand. Reunite forces, think outside the box!

Monitor your reputation. This can influence your sales.

Have you ever wondered what are the possible reasons why a potential customer does not become your customer? If so, have you ever stopped to think they may be right?

There are some reasons for not buying and the most important is credibility. If your audience does not trust that your company can even deliver what is being proposed it will not buy from you. He may have a problem that you solve, urgency in solving it, and capital to invest, and none of this is sufficient for a purchase or contract signature.

So the importance of the presence in the online assessment sites most relevant to your business and the management of your reputation is under your own control. If you need a free consultation, we have a sales team that can help you understand it better, all you have to do is schedule a meeting here.


Here we talked about some steps to win, maintain and rescue your brand’s online reputation. But if you are focused on offering your audience not only a product or service, positioning yourself as a business partner willing to understand problems and help them with the solution, the established relationship tends to be very healthy and build a good reputation stands. somewhat easier. Lastly, to have a team committed to transmitting concepts, differentials and proposals of your brand. Remember: we are in the digital age, but people still buy based on other people’s opinion. Work to create advocates for your brand.

Content by Felipe Arruda

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