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Google My Business in 2019

Digital Marketing

Main benefits of Google my business

Can you imagine living today without being able to learn more about businesses using local Google searches and get directions to find them using an app?

Everybody has access to the Internet with smartphones in their pockets. The growth of mobile phone usage has made a big impact on local businesses. In a recent survey done by Bright Local, results showed that 97% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses and 57% of consumers will only use a business if their reviews have 4 or more stars. Dozens of studies and surveys have already confirmed the relevance of online reviews and their impact on the purchase decision.

Insights: Google offers data about how a business was found and you can easily access from the panel:

  • Customer actions by month as how many customers have visited your website, requested directions, called you.
  • Compare the number of photo views with a business like yours.
  • Access a panel that shows all your reviews.
  • You can use a messaging tool that allows your customers to talk to you.
  • Create promotions (offer, events) directly from Google my business.
  • Create an Ad directly from Google my business.

Displays useful information about your business

  • Hours of operation
  • Busy Periods
  • Directions
  • Photos
  • Call now button displayed for mobile users
  • Business Description

Not being found in Google my business is almost the same as not existing. If you already have your profile and it’s a complete profile, you are already ahead of your competitors.

Helps customers to find your physical location

We never know when we’ll need to buy a new backpack because ours ripped off in the middle of the street, needing to find a store of authentic Indian incense or a diamond necklace in the town we’re in. Mobile fever is real and pulsating. To find something that we need for the location in which we are or for another of specific interest happens all the time. Just follow these directions: Google my business is a huge, powerful and free tool that you MUST BE IN!

By Felipe Arruda

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