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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Why respond to negative reviews?

Recent research on Hubspot found that if you respond to a customer’s complaint and resolve the mistake, they will continue doing business with you 96% of the time.

Reviews influenced search engine rankings by 15% in 2018 (Moz). This shows that you can no longer continue to ignore the importance of reviews. Pay attention to your positive and negative feedback. Your customers will leave positive reviews if they have a memorable jewelry buying experience with your brand. Receiving negative feedback can be worrying but it will also serve as fuel to your brand. You should take advantage of negative reviews by quickly responding and offering solutions; this will generate greater transparency and trust. Smart Age’s Review Alert allows you to send review requests to customers and manage them online, which is essential to significantly increase your number of reviews in a short time.

Take steps to reduce negative reviews, increase sales and maintain customer loyalty.

This is not true. Bad reviews can only cause problems if there are too many. If they are few, they become an opportunity of learning and improvements.

How do I respond to negative reviews?

  • Respond within 48 hours maximum to show that you value customer feedback.
  • If your customer is unhappy with something, offer a discount or another opportunity to use your product, but never leave the client unanswered.
  • Respond to reviews in a way that aligns with your brand’s DNA.
  • Try to be as authentic and empathetic as possible to emphasize that you care about your relationship with the customer.
  • Politeness is always the best way to communicate with your customers.
  • Present a solution to the client by responding through the channel where they complained and then making a phone call to offer assistance.

How do I improve my review ratings?

Map negative reviews by creating different categories of complaints and organizing them on a sheet. Track the number of negative reviews and the reasons for each claim to better understand what stage of the process your company is making mistakes. A good manager is always analyzing and finding ways to improve the company’s processes. Schedule a meeting with your team to brainstorm ideas on how to create a weekly, monthly or annual process review where quality and effectiveness are evaluated.

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By Felipe Arruda

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