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Customer Experience and Insights for 2019

Do you know how to serve a consumer? Or rather, do you know how the consumer wants to be served?

Delivering a good customer experience requires more than thinking about a change—you have to act, understand customer expectations, and find out where the problems that affect the customer experience are.

The way this experience is evaluated by the consumer depends on how companies relate to customers. And much of this relationship starts or ends in the service channels.

The Importance of Customer Service

Customer service is the primary way consumers interact with companies. These interactions can take place through a myriad of ways including the telephone or social networks.

As customer expectations for their shopping experience grows, companies should note how customer service can impact their profitability. Today it is not enough to just have a good product/service. Shoppers may not return to buy more if their expectations were not met. The quality of the customer experience is dependent on the quality at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

In Experience Insights 2018, we discussed what the customers’ demands are for interactions and how they behave with these expectations in mind. This can serve as an input to create new 2019 strategies aimed at customer experience, and even customer retention.

Customer satisfaction

In Experience Insights 2018, we try to understand if companies believe they are satisfying customers. There is often a discrepancy between what the company believes and what the client actually takes note of. This shows that companies often have incorrect ideas about if they are meeting customer expectations. 


The consumer no longer wants to have to contact companies every time he needs help. Instead he wants to be able to solve the problem himself. 

This change can be attributed to being more dependent on search engines. Customers can get answers quickly with minimal effort. Customer service expectations have been influenced by this trend. 

The availability of channels

Not being able to have their issues immediately resolved after using a service channel or making customers have to do a lot of work to get in contact with you can cause dissatisfaction. 

Today, it is practically a given that there should be multiple ways for your customers to contact your business. The modern consumer wants to choose what channel is most comfortable for them.

By Felipe Arruda – Marketing Strategist

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