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Checklist to improve your online reputation in 2019

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Checklist to improve your online reputation in 2019

If we stop to think about how much advertising and marketing has changed in the last few years, we quickly realize how the relationship between consumers and brands have changed. Before, it was a one-way conversation where the brand emitted the message and the client received it, but there was less technology to convey these brand messages. Word of mouth worked without technology and, today is still a great way to help build your brand. But we can not stop observing how much the quantum leap in technology has made this process change and how online reviews websites have gained traction with engaged users.

1 – Increase your visibility

Start working hard to improve your reputation. Advertising is the soul of all businesses. Word of mouth is the most efficient marketing channel and remains strong even online with reviews sites. This is fantastic because it is a process where everyone wins. The customer is able to choose who to purchase from, and the brand is able to evolve by learning through feedback. Brands like Amazon, for example, owe much of their growth to online reviews sites. Customers are surer when buying and making a final purchase decision is now accelerated by these online reviews. So why not start to increase your reviews through software that help you make the whole purchasing process quicker and easier? Review Alert is the most comprehensive review management software that helps to increase the number of reviews and collect information through reports, leading to a better online reputation and sales growth.

2 – Drive your business based on good reviews

Imagine having a friend who is in love with their neighborhood coffee shop, who talks a lot about the incredible cookies and the velvety coffee they sell. When he talks about the shop, you almost feel the crunch of the cookie and the scent of the coffee. Now, imagine the influence that a brand ambassador like him is capable of having! Every time a client of yours leaves a positive review talking about the incredible experience he had, others read and feel the same feeling. This is what positive reviews are capable of doing! Start collecting well-written reviews where customers speak emotionally and passionately about your brand and the experience they’ve had. Then start using it on your social media, on your website and on communication materials.

3 – Create a negative and neutral feedback resolution process

In 2018, the beer brand Heineken began airing a 30-second ad that showed a bartender sliding a beer past three black people to a lighter-skinned woman. The tag line said, “Sometimes, lighter is better.” Chance The Rapper, a music artist, called out Heineken in a tweet about the commercial, calling it “terribly racist,” and thousands of people agreed.

Create an internal process of how to solve and take advantage of negative and neutral feedback. Companies that are smaller than Heineken should also start monitoring social networks and online reviews sites. Creating a simple document in Excel to save the history of negative and neutral reviews is very efficient. You can create columns where you insert customer feedback, what has been learned, and what the company should improve. Now, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start putting it into practice!

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