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Boodting Fan Page in 2019

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5 tools to help you boost a fan page

1 – Facebook Insights

Mark Zuckerberg’s own metrics analysis tool is a powerful alliance of page managers. Through it is possible to have access to various relevant data about the performance of the fan page, such as the growth of followers, full reach, and, to put it simply, engagement. In addition, information about individual posts is also available. From the composition of reports, you can carry out analyzes and sporadic adjustments, which will certainly help draw the attention of your followers.

2 – LikeAlyzer

Another extremely useful feature is LikeAlyzer, which acts as a kind of “automatic advisor” for fan page managers.

With an extremely easy to use system (just enter the URL of the Facebook page to get the results), it reveals all the points that need to be modified and indicates some actions needed to improve the performance of the posts.

All of this is divided into topics, which include:

  • Overview
  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Recurring activities
  • Responses index
  • Engagement

3 – Animoto

Animoto is a tool that has a simple drag-and-drop system for creating videos. Videos are the format that generates more engagement on Facebook. According to a study by Buzzsumo, through the interactions, audiovisual content reaches about 12.05% of followers. It may seem little, but this number is valuable when compared to other formats: photos (11.63%), links (7.81%) and texts (4.56%). If you think they are out of reach, know that you are completely mistaken.

4 – Canva

If you think it is necessary to be a master of Photoshop to create incredible images for your fan page, it is best to rethink it. Canva is a perfect solution for making pieces of design that even beginners can use. With a simplified online customization system (no need to download any software), it allows editing of images for both posts and page elements, such as cover, profile, events, and announcements.

5 – Lumen5

But if you still feel that video creation is hard work, there is a tool that can help you even more. Lumen5 was created with the goal of transforming blog posts into videos. It’s a great way to reuse your content and turn it into a different consumption model for your audience. And do not worry:
The platform itself has a large collection of videos available and in high resolution.

Content by Felipe Arruda

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