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3 Reasons to Start Using Reviews Management in Your Stores

Did you know that there is valuable information about your business available on the web, just waiting to be used to strengthen your business?

I’m talking about those online reviews left by your customers on review sites like Google My Business or Facebook.

If you already use reviews to collect data and increase your competitiveness, congratulationsー you are way ahead of the competition. Most companies still have not realized the value of review management.

If you still do not know how managing online evaluations will benefit your reputation, know that you are letting a huge opportunity pass.

Learn how to use your online assessments to increase your competitive advantage.

1-How online reviews help a store chain maintain customer satisfaction control across all units

Unsurprisingly, consumers are now evaluating businesses through online assessment websites spread across the web.

The internet is full of information in the format of reviews and comments online on how your business could improve and opportunities that you can take advantage of.

One of the main concerns of a multi-site manager is maintaining the same standard of service and quality across all units. There are different ways that a company can do this, but how about using the comments left by your customers?

Online reviews are information about your business, available on the internet for free, which you can access at any time.

The best part is that there is NO need to create questionnaires or send satisfaction surveys. Simply collect the information already available online and evaluate it. This is called review management.

Online reviews are fantastic, precisely because of their nature. Opinion surveys that you send to customers work very well to some extent, but that kind of approach may leave the client embarrassed to reveal his true opinion.

Unlike an opinion survey, which can be spontaneously filled outーthe customer is not feeling “pressured” at all. The chances of reviews portraying the actual consumer experience with your business are far greater. More accurate data helps you make better decisions about how to improve customer satisfaction. When dealing with multiple business locations, you can identify ways each individual one can improve.

With the insights gained from online reviews, the next step is to work out a plan with your team to increase customer satisfaction. Before that, be sure to read this post that reveals 4 great myths about customer loyalty that are making your company throw money away.

2-Learn to use online assessments as a strategy to extract intelligence for each store location and strengthen the entire business

Review management is not only efficient in ensuring and monitoring customer satisfaction but it can also strengthen your entire business.

Through your reviews you can identify which of your locations is the most liked among customers. Then you can assess what makes the liked location different from the others.

Review management also does the reverse. Which establishments are performing below average? Isolate and evaluate your negative reviews to find what is going wrong. Identify the source and draw up a plan of action to solve the problem.

Managing your reviews also makes it easier to identify a point of combustion and act immediately before it “catches fire” in order to reduce the damage caused by a negative review. Thus, minimizing customer dissatisfaction and creating more loyalty.

You can gain a wealth of data about your business. This post- Managing Reviews: The Complete Guide details the whole process for you to start applying now in business.

3-Using online assessments to strengthen customer relationships and brand positioning in the marketplace

Your company may have some sort of script that portrays how the brand should behave verbally. This ‘verbal brand identity manual’ is very important for the company’s positioning strategy ー it impacts directly as the brand is perceived by the market.

A key point in managing multiple locations is ensuring that everyone maintains a consistent brand voice when speaking to customers. This is key to establishing and strengthening brand positioning.

Answering your reviews online is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand’s position in the market because this practice allows the company to show what its values ​​are, which improves the relationship with its target audience.

A better overall relationship means increased loyalty. But for it to work, the whole network has to speak in the same voice.

But stay tuned!


If your business has multiple locations and you have not yet included review management in your strategy, you are missing a great opportunity to increase your competitive advantage and strengthen your business.

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